A relationship built on trust

At Astrofit, everybody is family. We build relationships based on trust and respect. Our personal trainers take their clients’ success and wellbeing to heart. It’s no longer just a client-trainer relationship: it’s family.

This unique relationship helps make the journey towards optimal health much easier, as clients are able and comfortable enough to open up to their trainers about the mishaps throughout the fitness journey.

"The clients I train with are incredible. And I don't mean everyone has a six-pack and a super thin body. I mean incredible from top to bottom. Motivating, inspiring, challenging, stimulating, challenging, strong, authentic, athletic, funny and extremely well informed. I was challenged not only physically, but also very personally. Most people want so much more than just losing weight or getting in shape. There is usually a much deeper, much more personal reason for wanting to move your body. Astrofit inspired me to continually strive to be a better and more authentic person. I finally realized that I am worthy of this time to nourish and strengthen my body - all thanks to the wonderful friendships I have made here and the learning to laugh at myself. Thank you!"
"I would recommend Astrofit to all my family and friends! The trainers are not only beautiful souls but trainers of the highest quality! They motivate and tailor the exercises to your body needs and goals! My life is so much better with Astrofit!!! I can’t get enough, I feel bad when I miss but they always keep me on track! Educating me on nutrition and inspiring that ‘I can do it’ !!!"
"Almost 3 months ago I had zero energy. Zero strength. Zero motivation. Until I met you. Your energy and your ";Let’s go, you can do it"are contagious… I would of never thought that after such a short time training with you, I would of felt that good and strong.. Not only that, just your smile and personality are electric and dynamic enough. But you listen, you help, and give great advice! You are so young but yet so mature. I know I’m in good hands with you!!! For you, it’s your job and your passion, but you don’t realise that you are changing my life at the same time."


With the coach knowing when and how the journey derailed, he/she can fix it right away, thus helping the client get back on track faster and minimizing damages! At Astrofit, w’re here to help. Not judge. You’re human, we get it. So are we.


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